Foreign Nationals

If you are a non-UK national and would like to secure a mortgage against a property in the UK, our range of lenders allows us to help in practically any set of circumstances. Foreign national mortgages are one of our main strengths. We have helped clients from all over the world arrange mortgage finance in the UK. Naturally, some cases are more challenging than others and may require a detailed application and due diligence. If you're currently living overseas and planning to buy property in the UK, either as an investment, a second UK based home, or to return home to, Salt Financial is able to assist you in finding the right mortgage to cater for your specific needs.The mortgages that we offer are aimed specifically at the expat market, whether you are purchasing one property for your own future residential use, or maybe to be used as the family home whilst you work away, we can source a product to meet your needs. Alternatively, if you are building a portfolio of properties in the UK we can assist with mortgages from our expat Buy to Let range.

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